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  1. AMY ZVORSKY said:

    🙋🏼Hi!!! So,often (especially when I can’t sleep!) I’ll go online & begin by just typing “journal” in & from that point, I can get lost some times for hours ending up at some of the Coolest Sites I’ve never even heard of! As I sit there “DR00ŁiNG”😛 & fulfilling my obsession w/ beautiful, ornate journals, unique stationary items, & anything catagorically related, such as tabs & pens that must be VERY specific or I’m incapable of writing anything!!! NOPE!!! I just can’t do it! (Ha-Ha)
    But I saw a stacked set of BEAUTIFUL JOURNALS{I think it was on Pinterest?) And get to your page & Im like “Oh my goodness, I think I have found my long-lost journal SISTER! Some journals I’ve purchased & yrs later, I’ve still not written in it, because it’s just TOO ✨BEAUTIFUL!!!✨ I just want to look at it, decorate with it,even just store it away, because they’re ALL😈MINE!!! Some are even like a form of art!
    So reading your blog was funny to me, Now that I know, IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!
    Sincerely Yours, (your self-admitted obsessive journal collector & LUVin’ IT!)

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    • Wow thank you Amy! I totally agree with you, some journals are so beautiful I don’t want to mess them up with my writing! But lately I’ve tried really hard to squash that feeling because we all deserve to experience something beautiful! Thanks so much for your kinds words about this blog and I hope you continue to enjoy it. 🙂


  2. Michele Wass said:

    Likewise. Though I lost a whole collection of journals five years ago when we had a fire. I do love journals, pens and such and have quite the collection. Guess I’m not crazy after all or we all are. LOL

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  3. Neither of you are crazy… unless there are an awful lot of crazy people around. I bought my first fountain pen more than twenty years ago, and have loved the process of writing by hand ever since. I have since discovered the beauty in fountain pens, and the notebooks, and ink which inevitably follow. A few days ago, my son asked my if I were, “Some kind of monk.” I suppose that’s better than crazy…

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