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Hello everyone! I am back, finally. The move is, essentially, over. Some aspects of our lives have unfolded beautifully in our new home, others disastrously. I am married to the most hard working, patient, incredible man who would be a world Tetris champion based on his POD packing skills! And our two fur babies were absolute angels as they navigated moves from a plane to an apartment to an hotel and then another apartment (remember I said some aspects disastrous, and that’s only one!) So now I am very happy to be digitally connected once again, and grateful to anyone who might still be reading!

I flew to Halifax with the cats and some important essentials, like a couple of notebooks, one bottle of ink (it was so difficult to choose just one!) and ALL of my pens. David drove across the country and I had one box in the car with the rest of my essentials (more notebooks and lots more ink!) There are still more notebooks and bottles of ink in our moving container. We honestly shed a lot of possessions, but kept those most precious to us. For David it was his musical gear; for me, my writing gear. Tables and sofas come and go but….. 🙂

Before I left Calgary I added something to my writing gear. As you may have heard the world celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth/death this year, on April 23. While I could not fly to England to participate in any of the exciting celebrations planned throughout this year, I was inspired by a regular email from Pen Heaven to purchase a pewter feather quill pen with holder and ink bottle. I had it sent to my new office and it was waiting for me when I arrived. Such a nice welcome present! Someday I hope to visit the Pen Heaven store in London.

quill box

The set is made in Italy and the packaging is gorgeous.

quill open box

The inside is gorgeous too. I chose the brown feather and I love how ornate the base looks. The bottle of ink fits into the holder as well. And there is some literature on the history of quill pens and how to write with one.

quill in stand

I thought it would look really stunning on my desk. The ink bottle contains black ink and the bottle says Inchiostro Stylografico NERO La Kaligraphica Made in Italy. According to Google Translate this means Black Ink Stylografico La Kaligraphica. I’m sure this is calligraphy ink and not meant for regular fountain pens.

quill stand closeup

Here’s a closeup of the base and holder. The ink bottle was wax sealed. I think it’s extremely good craftsmanship for the price. I just realized I didn’t take a photo of the nib but you can see it magnified on the Pen Heaven page referenced above.


The ink is a true coal black. I will have to perfect my technique; the first line came out beautifully but then I had difficulty with the rest with ink blobs and running out of ink. Even if the pen turns out to be more decorative than useful I still love it. I’m sure when my desk arrives it will look great in the corner. Hopefully that will be next week!

It feels good to be back online and writing these posts again. I’m not sure if I will keep the same schedule as before; I’m working longer hours and my set up is much different. We’ll have to see how I get on. Until next time, whenever that is, thank you for your patience, thank you for sticking around and happy journaling!