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I was running out of space in my last Ink Journal so I decided to create a new one. And this time it is housed in a binder instead of an ARC Journal. Lots of room to expand!ink journal coverI chose a plain white binder with a clear pocket on the front. I put in some spare scrapbooking paper. I really like how it turned out.

scrappaper divider

I used the scrapbook paper as dividers inside the binder as well.

pen list

My pen list. I add to it as new pens come in, obviously, and make note when I give a pen away.

ink list

And I do the same with the ink list. I generally use my Pilot Plumix to write the lists.


A colourful index. I decided to combined the pens and inks in this section, and simply go alphabetical. So Delta pens and De Atramentis ink will be in the same section: D.

f divider

I used puffy alphabet stickers to mark each division. The index goes up to 31 so not sure what I will use the extra sections for yet.

Delta materials

I have quite a few empty page protectors so I’ve filled them with pen and ink “stuff”. Here are the paper booklet, serial number and sleeve from my Delta Journal.

waterman ink boxes

And here I’ve put in some flattened Waterman boxes. Alot easier to store this way and I like seeing the colourful boxes.

So that’s a quick tour of my new pen and ink journal. Saying goodbye to the ARC notebook was sad but I’ve simply outgrown it. I will have to find another use for it because it is one of my favorite in the ARC range. Let me know in the comments how you keep track of your pens and inks.