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JetPens have the coolest articles! I really enjoyed Our Favorite Notebooks for Fountain Pen Use. I saw some old favorites as well as some new ones to try. Very thorough.

Here’s another great article by Joanne Fedler on minbodygreen: 7 Reasons Writing Will Improve Your Life. I love how she says she can teach people “how” to write but not “why” to write. One of my favorite reasons on this list is writing helps us to become more comfortable with paradox. Love this quote:

I soften into what’s true (even if it doesn’t make rational sense), rather than blaze a trail on the page for the sake of it. The page doesn’t judge me for being irrational, inconsistent or ridiculous.

And finally I’ve been enjoying the Tulip Tube channel on YouTube and I thought her video on what she journals about was very interesting. It’s the question I get the most so I thought I would share it here.

Until next time, happy writing!