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Calling all blue black ink lovers! I am one of you, and I was excited to see this article posted on JetPens comparing some brands of blue black ink. Great article, but I was surprised to see the swab for Parker Blue Black (each swab is listed under its name). I use Parker Blue Black a lot and mine looks much darker than that. See for yourself.


This page above is from my ink journal from February of last year and this one below I did about half an hour ago.


Maybe my ink bottle is old; it was purchased in February of 2014 so it’s possible. Because I can’t see the experts at JetPens making a mistake, especially since they go on to describe the Parker Blue Black as a “teal-leaning blue”. I would not agree but that’s ok. Anyway just something I noticed that seemed to jump off the page at me. If any of you use Parker Blue Black let me know your opinion.

This was kind of exciting: Brian Goulet mentioned inlovewithjournals in his Goulet Q&A, Episode No. 88, in answering my question from the previous week. Check it out here; my question is the first one.

And finally a rousing article from theutopianlife.com, about the 10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Journaling. I heard Nathan’s interview with Thai Nguyen in his podcast on his site, Write4Life and I was moved to check out Thai’s site. This article is great and yes, it will be copied into my journal. Enjoy!

Until next post, happy writing!