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Ok so I have two things from wonderpens.ca for you tonight: they are hosting a giveaway of 3 awesome bottles of J. Herbin Bleu Ocean, Stormy Grey and Rouge Hematite! Leave a comment to enter. Shipping within Canada only.

And the second thing is: Liz wrote an inspiring post on journal writing and she promises there will be more to come. I totally agree that journaling is something good for your soul and your physical well being, like water and sunlight.

Finally I felt a kinship with Bob over at mypenneedsink.com when I read his post the weight of analog. It’s true – analog does weigh more, sometimes considerably more. I tend to carry at least two notebooks plus a pencil case full of pens with me every day to work. I may not have time to use the pens or even pen the notebook. But I feel better knowing they are there. There is always the fear of losing one or the other but so far so good. Not good for the back but good for my soul. 🙂