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I mentioned MI6 in this post, earlier this week. I was thrilled to be chosen to participate in this round of reviewing a mystery ink. Go to this link to check out the Fountain Pen Geeks forums and read the threads for MI1 through 5.

My sample arrived on April 1 and I couldn’t wait to ink up a few pens with this gorgeous purple ink and get going.


I chose my Visconti Rembrandt with a 0.5 nib, my Monteverde Artista Crystal with a medium nib and my Monteverde Prima in Purple Swirl with a 1.1 italic nib. I flushed all of them and put some of the mystery ink in them.


I used a syringe to fill each of the converters, as I didn’t think the nibs would fit into the sample vial. The Rembrandt and Artista took the ink just fine, but the Prima had an air bubble in the top that I could not get rid of. I spilled ink everywhere and didn’t end up getting much ink into the Prima at all. But I got enough to do this review.


I found this Ink Sampler & Review form online; not sure who to accredit it to but it is not my own design. I apologize for the images; I should have scanned the form in but the camera was all I had to hand.


Each pen started up quite quickly with the new ink, which is impressive. I was surprised how each nib delivered quite a different shade. The colour is a rich dark purple that reminds me of blueberries and lupins. The Antarctica quote (yes I just realized I spelled Antarctica with only one c on the form – horror!!) is an homage to the theme of MI6, as chosen by the organizers.


I do not have a lot of purple inks to compare it to, but I put 3 swabs on the form anyway. I probably could have identified them (one of the rules of the mystery ink game is not to guess what the ink is before it is revealed) as none of them would be a serious contender for an exact match to the mystery ink, but I kept their identity a secret too, at least for now. When the ink brand and name is revealed I will do another post, and reveal my comparison inks as well.

I wasn’t sure what “Spread” referred to in relation to ink so I left it blank. Please enlighten me if you know. I messed up the 3 sec dry time so I repeated the exercise. It is a pretty fast drying ink. Not especially waterproof but not too bad either.

It really is a beautiful ink.


The Andrew Denton quote was written using my Monteverde Prima with a 1.1 italic nib. It may be hard to see in the photo but there is some shading.


The Jon Krakauer quote was written with my Visconti Rembrandt with a 0.5 nib. Both of these quotes are written on the same page in the same Rhodia notebook, with the same lighting conditions. I do not know why one looks yellow and the other doesn’t. Thank my camera phone for having an attitude.

This was fun. I will probably do more ink reviews. And I will probably buy a bottle when the identify is revealed. Any guesses?