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What I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigree journal, Winnable Leather Journal, Winnable Executive Journal and the Believe In Yourself journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (Mar 25): 8

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 888

Total pages written in 2015: 148

Monthly Pen:

Monteverde Prima in Purple Swirl (see my note explaining this at the end of the post)
Next monthly pen will be announced on April 29



I have not purchased anything pen-, ink- or notebook-related this week.

I wrote about my Fountain Pen Revolution Guru pen in this post.

Some points covered this week in my journals:

  • Each year my company holds a fundraising event called Waamstock. The “Waam” refers to our regular Weekend Attitude Adjustment Meetings, where the employees get together at an office common area and drink beer and munch nibblies. “Stock” is an homage to Woodstock. Earlier in the year employees get together, form bands, and perform at the event, in a rented out, local bar. It’s always a great time and this year was no exception. In a year when my company is making cutbacks this event thankfully escaped the chopping block.
  • A friend of mine told me about the President’s Choice Cooking School, which is held at our local Superstore on Tuesday nights. I went last night and a professional chef made 20 of us chicken nachos with a fresh tomato salsa. I generally steer clear of spicy foods but this tomato salsa had Serrano peppers and lime juice and I LOVED it! So much fun. I’m going again next week.
  • I have been very fortunate to be chosen to participate in a fun game on the FP Geeks forum: MI6. “MI” stands for Mystery Ink and this is the 6th version of the game so far. Participants receive an ink sample whose brand and name remain a mystery until all participants have received and reviewed the sample. Mine arrived today and I can’t wait to clean out a few pens, ink them up and start reviewing. I will post my review on this blog as well as on the forums.
  • I’ve been thinking for a while about my pens, and how months can go by in between using each one. Some of course are my favorites and are used more often. But others are forgotten gems that excite me all over again when I remember to use them. So I thought I would introduce the “One Month, One Pen” idea. Each month I will choose one pen which will be my main pen that month, for journaling and letter writing. I may use other pens as well (like for paper and ink reviews) but I have to use it every day until the month ends. I will announce the monthly pen in one of these Journal Writing Wednesday posts. And for April 2015 the pen is: Monteverde Prima in Purple Swirl, which I discuss in this post.

Until next week, happy writing!