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Last Sunday I wrote about my vintage Waterman Junior that I bought from Goodwriters. I actually purchased a different pen from Goodwriters before the Waterman: a Guru from Fountain Pen Revolution. It was listed in Deb’s Bargain Corner and I couldn’t resist. You can also buy these pens direct from Fountain Pen Revolution. They are very inexpensive but you get a lot of pen for your buck.

Fountain Pen Revolution is an interesting company. An American family purchase the India-made pens and market them around the world. According to their About Us page, they want to “provide reasonably priced quality fountain pens made in India and to be a blessing to our community.” They invest a portion of their profits back into the very communities that make their product.

I enjoy the quote from Gandhi on their home page, to whom the website is dedicated:

Bad handwriting is a sign of imperfect education.

And here is my Guru pen.


The pen is 13.5 cm unposted, and 15 cm posted. It has a screw cap and is a piston filler, which is another new filling system for me.


It has a medium stainless steel nib.


The nibs are rather plain-looking. FPR is stamped under the curlicues.


One of the things that drew me to this pen was the ink window. With a piston filling system, you twist the end of the pen until you see the piston moving in the ink window. The piston will push out all the ink. You then place your pen into the ink bottle so that the nib is submerged. Then you twist the end of the pen the opposite way, to reverse the direction of the piston. And presto you have a filled pen. One of the FPGeeks turned me onto this great page at RichardsPens.com, which explains all of the different filling systems and how to operate them.

Through the ink window you can see how much ink is left in your pen, and also what color it is. I tried to capture the color of Waterman Serenity Blue but I was unsuccessful. However, you can see the color in the writing sample.


I really love this Serenity Blue ink from Waterman. It’s a beautiful color. The pen started up right away; I did not have to encourage it at all. No skipping or false starts. Just as Deb advertised, it is a good writer.


And here is a comparison with some other pens on my desk. From left to right: Waterman Junior, Monteverde Artista Crystal Demonstrator, FPR Guru, Pilot Metropolitan, Cadence and Lamy Al-Star. On a sad side note, when I was arranging these pens for the photo I noticed a scratch on the finish of my Lamy; you can just see it on the right-hand side of the barrel in the photo. I thought it was a speck of dust but it isn’t. I have no idea how that scratch happened but I have since moved the pen into a pen case all its own. I was very upset by that little scratch. Oh well hopefully in its own case there will be no more!

I have added both the Waterman and the Guru to my pen/ink journal. Many thanks to World Mail Panel for the accumulated monthly dividend which covered the cost of both of these pens. I think my little buying spree is over but I say that often, don’t I? As one of my co-workers said just the other day, “There will always be another pen.” 🙂