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Hector Padilla has created a wonderful site called inkluminati, where he showcases his photography and beautiful handwriting. He is a fellow Fountain Pen Geek. He has some amazing stationery that I’m sure will be for sale, once it’s in stock again!

This is a fascinating article from Business Insider on how to become a better writer. I totally agree with writing conversationally and having someone else (an editor like me!) read it to see if it makes sense. And I must admit I was thrilled when the author used the word “orient” correctly, instead of the oft-used “orientate” {shudder}. Worth reading, which coincidentally is one of the ways to become a better writer.

And finally, I fell in love today. I’ve never been much of a fan of Montblanc pens. I’ve never actually used one but I’ve always been put off by the price and the appearance. If I’m going to spend $500+, Visconti or Yard-o-Led appeal to me more than the Montblanc. Well until today that is. Jennifer over at bestfountainpen.com reviewed the Montblanc Boheme Bleu and it’s just the neatest thing ever. It’s gorgeous looking, it’s made for a smaller hand and it has the coolest filling mechanism ever. It does not have an attractive price; I figured I would have to work for 3.5 years for World Mail Panel to make the current purchase price on Amazon.com: $695.00. And that doesn’t take into account the exchange rate. Sigh. And it only takes cartridges; I would miss my beloved bottled ink. But take a look and end your day gazing at something beautiful. 🙂