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I bought my first tin of J. Herbin ink cartridges in Aug of 2013 at Duly Noted stationery in Halifax. Since then I’ve wanted most of the 30 J. Herbin ink colours. I am 14 colours closer to that goal, thanks to my recent trip to Phoenix and my sister allowing me to place an order from JetPens using her Phoenix address. I now have 28 of the 30 colours in the collection.


I bought 13 10 ml bottles of J. Herbin ink and one ink tin from JetPens. In the picture above the bottles are sitting on their corresponding ink splash. I haven’t decided if I want the Bouton D’or; I’ve never been a fan of yellow and it looks like highlighter ink to me. The only colour I don’t have (because JetPens was out) is Diabolo Menthe.

I bought the 10 ml bottles for two reasons: they were cheaper than the tins ($4.75 as opposed to $5.50) and I’m using a syringe to fill my pens more and more so the bottled ink made more sense.


Here’s how the ink looks in my cabinet. Seriously, I should NOT be buying any ink in 2015; I have more than enough!

I also updated my ink journal, which took forever!


Rouge Opera on the left and Cacao du Bresil on the right. The Cacao du Bresil looks more grey than brown.


Vert Reseda on the left and Bleu Myosotis on the right.


And finally Cafe des Iles on the left and Poussiere de Lune on the right. Just a few examples of how I’ve recorded the 13 10 ml bottles. I will update them when I’ve inked up some pens, to show how they write.

So once I get Diabolo Menthe my J. Herbin collection will be complete (without the bright yellow one – ick!) It will feel good to complete the set. Now I just have to make sure I use them all!

Until next time, happy writing!