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In the weeks leading up to my trip to Phoenix I placed an order with Goulet Pens (and also one with JetPens but that is for another post). I had enough credit with World Mail Panel to order the Monteverde Prima in Green Swirl, which is the third in my set of Monteverde Primas (click here for a post on the Turquoise Swirl, and here for the Purple Swirl). And for the months of November and December Goulet Pens is offering a free bottle of Monteverde Ink with a Monteverde pen purchase (or free cartridges if you purchase a Monteverde pen that only takes cartridges). And with my sister’s good grace she let me take advantage of super cheap shipping to her US address.


The box arrived before I did.


And of course there are always extra goodies in a package from the Goulets. Matt signed my invoice in Noodles’s Navy.

Now the background will change from my sister’s kitchen to my desk. There were a couple of Christmas presents from our father in the Goulet package so of course we haven’t opened them yet. I will share that after Christmas.


The opened box.


A close-up of the nib. I got this one in Medium, which is the same as the Turquoise. Look at that green cap!! LOVE the colour.


My first ever bottle of Monteverde ink. I ordered green to match the new pen. And because of the promotion, the ink was free.


I must say I was impressed with the packaging. I don’t know if Goulet put the bottle in a ziploc bag or if that’s how they come from Monteverde, but it’s a great idea. And the pamphlet shows you the other inks that are available and talks about how their ink contains ITF (Ink Treatment Formula), which apparently improves ink flow, extends cap-off time, lubricates the feed and improves ink drying time on paper. Neat.


This ink is more of a blue green, at least it looks that way in the bottle. Not sure it will match the barrel.


Yep not going to work in the green swirl. It’s a beautiful colour but is a bit too blue. It reminds me of the Bleu Pervenche ink I use in the turquoise swirl.


I looked through my Ink Journal and found the Private Reserve Avacado (sic) ink that would probably be a good match.


Oooh perfect.


Love this combination. I had a fair bit of problems with the Private Reserve ink however. My fingers are very, very green right now. There was some sort of skin on top of the ink that I had to dispose of first. Yuk. I have heard that skins can occur with Private Reserve ink but this is the first time it’s happened to me. Ultimately worth the aggravation because I really enjoy this combination.


And here are the three lovelies together. It’s interesting to see how the purple has white swirls, the green has black, and the turquoise has both. I’ve never noticed that before. There are five in the series, and the other two are Tiger Eye Swirl and Black Swirl. Tiger Eye is similar to the Green in that it has black swirls. And the Black Swirl is unique in that it is mostly black with a green swirl. I’m not a big fan of the Black Swirl but in another four months I will have enough credits with World Mail Panel to get the Tiger Eye. And then I think my Prima collection will be complete. I don’t see the point of getting the Black Swirl just to have the complete set, when I don’t really like it.

Until next time, happy writing!