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A few weeks back some friends and I went to Reid’s Stationers to get started on our Christmas shopping. It was a lovely day and I wanted to share a couple of the items I bought for myself.

I spotted this pencil case as soon as I walked in the door.


Ted Baker London has some high end stationery items and this pencil case was not cheap but it was so beautiful I had to have it. The zipper and pull are rose-gold-coloured.


The case opens to reveal a bright pink interior and 6 pencils. The pencils are coloured on one end and black on the other. They have cute sayings like To Whom It May Concern and Straight to the Point. Once the pencils are used up you could use this case to house thin pens, which I intend to do. The loops on the opposite side were empty so I’ve added a purple Pilot Metropolitan, a Slicci multipen and my black Lamy Safari. They fit very well and the case closes with room to spare. Very stylish and lady-like for my purse, I thought.


I noticed the purple Pilot Metropolitan Leopard towards the end of the shopping and debated over lunch whether I should go back and get it. Obviously, I did, and I don’t regret it. It’s a beautiful colour and I think it’s a limited edition; at least the salesperson indicated it was and it would be gone in a few days so I should snatch one up while I could. I always believe what a salesperson tells me so the purple one came home to live with her silver brother.


And like her silver brother, the purple Metropolitan doesn’t disappoint. Such a beautiful writer. Reid’s didn’t have the purple cartridges so I bought a box of Mixable Colour which has 12 different colours, which is a great idea. Once the cartridge is empty I will just fill it with a purple bottled ink; have to match the barrel of course. The box says exclusive for Parallel Pen but the cartridges fit the Metropolitan.


Here’s a bit of a close-up of the barrel, showing the leopard print that gives the pen its name. Love the purple colour.

Until next time, happy writing!