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How many of you keep a Bullet Journal? I don’t currently but the concept appeals to me. I first heard about Bullet Journaling on Youtube; can’t remember which of the many journalers I follow mentioned it. I just did a search on Youtube for “bullet journal” and it returned over 38,000 videos. And if you google the same you get over 34,000,000 hits. Quite the phenomenon.

It seems that Bullet Journaling is the brainchild of Ryder Carroll, and he has an excellent website describing his system. I’m not going to repeat it here, you can visit his website or Youtube or the millions of other blog posts about it. What I like about the system is the index, which I sometimes long for in my many journals, and the flexibility of the system, where some days you can write five pages and other days nothing at all. And it still all works.

Livescribe published an interview with Ryder Carroll in April of this year in which he discusses the system and the feedback he’s received. His system has had an especially positive effect on persons with learning disabilities and psychological disorders. At the heart, people respond to the method or they don’t; and he’s always open to people modifying his system to suit their unique needs.

At the end of the day, the big thing about the Bullet Journal is that it’s a series of methods so if a method doesn’t work for people, then I always advise not to use them. If they do work for them, great. And if there’s something they need the book to do, that it doesn’t, then they should go ahead and invent it. – Ryder Carroll

Doug Lane at Modern Stationer wrote a great article on how he learned to love paper again through this system.

…I find sitting down with my pen and notebook very relaxing. When I combine it with some music and perhaps even a Guinness, it is even better. It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like me getting my shit together. – Doug Lane

I would love to hear from you how you use this system, if you do, or if, like me, you would like to and are thinking about starting yet another journal to organize thoughts and dreams and tasks. Whatever system you use, have fun journaling the night away.