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I have to apologize for the lack of blog posts this week (Thursday and Saturday). I’ve been quite ill with a ferocious summer cold; I lost my voice on Tuesday and I really haven’t recovered it yet. Lots of coughing with very little sleeping makes for one grumpy girl. But I wanted to write something tonight and I was reading JJ’s comment to my Stamps, Boxes and Filigree Blue post of June 1 and I thought why not do a quick ink test on my Paperblanks journal. So here it is.


I started out with fountain pen ink and then tried a few others. The Hero 6021 is running out of ink and I didn’t take the time to refill before starting to write; sorry about that. But you can still make it out.

I was really impressed with all the fountain pen ink I tried. The only one that showed the slightest feathering was the J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir in the Jinhao X450 with a broad nib.


Above you can see all the other fountain pen inks I tried showed no feathering whatsoever. I think they all look amazing, with the exception of the Eclat de Saphir in the Jinhao Broad, and even then the feathering is not overwhelming. You can disregard the small blue dots; they were the result of some scribbles on the facing page which apparently I did not allow to dry before closing the journal.


I had a happy accident with the Private Reserve Plum in the Cadence pen. I couldn’t get it to write so I coaxed some extra ink out and then a big blob came out. I quickly wiped it away but the damage, as you can see, was done. Surely that will show through! Well…


Nope! This is the back of the ink test page. You can barely see a whisper of the ink that is on the other side.


And here is a close-up of the page which corresponds to the ink drop on the back. Sorry for the blurriness but as you can see there is no sign of the ink. Amazing.

So to sum up the paper in the Paperblanks journals is very friendly to fountain pen ink. I searched for info on their paper on their blog, Endpaper: The Paperblanks Blog and found this post titled Our Paper Quality. It seems in 2008 they changed their paper to a higher quality paper to improve how fountain pen ink took to it. And as you can see from my first photo above, with one exception every ink I tried took to the paper wonderfully. Rest assured your favourite pen will take to this paper too.ย Try them out and let me know what you think!