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Recently I decided my Ink Journal just wasn’t working for me any more. It was disorganized and messy. And I was missing my brown woven ARC notebook. So I combined the two.

arc woven notebook

Here she is again. I’ve missed her!


Missed this too. It’s an appropriate beginning to an ink journal, which will also contain all the details of my pens, both fountain and otherwise.


I had a bunch of colorful tabs that I wanted to use so each make of pen has its own page, as well as each ink company.


Here is a typical entry for one of my pens.


And here are the ink tabs. I like this system because I can keep everything in alphabetical order, unlike a bound book which was my former ink journal.


Here is my entry for J. Herbin’s Lierre Sauvage, which I only have in cartridges, at the moment. Where I have a bottle I will indicate that at the top. Not all of the inks have this much detail.


Today I cleaned out my Lamy Safari (which took FOREVER by the way; that nib holds a ton of ink) and inked it up with the new De Atramentis William Shakespeare. Love it!


De Atramentis ink is hand-made; that’s why each bottle can be on backorder for so long, according to Goulet Pens. The labels too I expect. I was very amused to see the typo on this label!


At the back of the book I keep track of my gel pen inventory, along with printed guides to some of the ink companies. Finally found a place to stick those Goulet Pens stickers.


I cut the tops off the Slicci refills and paste them into the book. I do the same with the Coleto refills.


So that’s about it for my new Ink Journal. I find it really handy when I want to write a letter or in my journal with a certain pen or a in a certain color; I can flip through this and find the combo I need.