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Some random stuff tonight. I found myself in Michael’s yesterday with my 40% off coupon on my phone. I’ve been really getting into stamps lately; one of my letter writing friends uses the neatest stamps on her envelopes and I’ve been looking for something to embellish mine. I bought a couple on ebay which have not yet arrived; stay tuned for posts on those. But yesterday I found these at Michael’s:


The smaller stamp on the left is called Typewriter Keys and is by Stampendous. I can’t find a name for the stamp on the right, but it is by Recollections. It was on sale for $7.99 so I couldn’t apply my coupon, but the Typewriter Keys was $16.99 so I got 40% off that. I applied them today to a letter for one of my pen pals.

front of envelope

The front of the letter.

back of envelope

The back of the letter. I really like the way they’ve turned out. I hope my pen pal likes it too!

I also found these decorative boxes at Michael’s, on sale for 40% off. They are by Punch Studio, and I have some beautiful notepaper by them already, so these boxes fit right in with my collection.

decorative boxes

I’m not sure what I will keep in them but my pens are a perfect fit…

inside london


pens fit perfectly

And finally I was updating my Book Journal recently; I’ve been really struggling to read over the last two months, not sure why. But I just finished On a Personal Note by Rita MacNeil and I was reaching for my Book Journal to update, when I realized I haven’t shared my Maya Blue Ultra journal in the Silver Filigree Collection by Paperblanks yet.

journal on the shelf

Here it is on the shelf, just waiting to be introduced!

filigree in blue

This is from the same family as the Reading Journal, only in blue. I saw it online last year at a discount and I had to order it. All I could think was how great the Bleu Pervenche ink would look in it; it’s the perfect match to the blue. I want to start journalling in it right away, but I’ve chosen the Embossed Italian Journal as my Volume 2 for 2014. Sigh. I’m not so happy with the Italian. The paper quality is not fountain pen friendly, which means I’m limited as to which pens I can use in it. And it’s very floppy and hard to write in and doesn’t have a ribbon…sorry I don’t mean to complain. It’s a beautiful journal but the guts of it are just not my preference. I hate to abandon a journal that’s barely been started, especially since it was a gift, but….further bulletins as events warrant.