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So this past Christmas I found some beautiful fountain pens at a store called Things Engraved. They are also affiliated with Sears Personalized Gifts, Personally Yours, Creations Personelles and Centre de la Gravure. I bought three for myself and two for Christmas gifts.

I fell in love with this pen as soon as I held it in my hand. It has a nice weight but is not too heavy. I like my caps posted and these post securely. The cap is a snap cap, and closes with a satisfyingly loud click. They have never skipped and always start right away. There is a black band around the base of the cap and it reads “Cadence”.

I love them. But I can’t really find any information about them on the internet. At least, not about the fountain pens specifically. Cadence seems to make a lot of different pens, mostly ballpoints, in metal and plastic. The Things Engraved website lists four or five Cadence pens, but none of them are these fountain pens. I’ve tried the Personally Yours website as well with the same result.

things engraved box

This is the box they came in from Things Engraved.

cadence box open

The open box with the warranty info. The warranty info says Cadence Writing Instruments – Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. If I have a problem I should bring it in to the nearest Things Engraved store, or any store mentioned above. Standard really, but there was no card to fill out and send in.

cadence paperwork

The pens themselves are quite nice looking, I think. Burnished gold metal with silver or chrome accents, and that black band around the middle.

3 pens capped

Here they are uncapped. I apologize for the glare; this was the best I could get, and as close as I could get without blurriness. The nibs have a curled line around the edge, say Iridium Point Germany and seem to have a daisy pattern around the centre hole.

3 pens uncapped

Here are the feeds. I do not know what the numbers refer to, but from left to right the nibs are labelled 1, 3 and 4. There does not seem to be a number 2 available. No 4 seems to be a slightly finer nib, as you will see in the writing sample later.

back of nibs closeup

These pens are engravable, which I did for the Christmas presents, and also one for myself.


Here is the writing sample in my Rhodia notebook. I think No 4 gives a slightly finer line and it definitely feels scratchier on the paper. No one at the store could tell me the nib size of any of the pens.

writing sample

I keep these pens in a vinyl pen roll I purchased on ebay.

pen roll

It’s hard to make out but the writing on the pen roll says “twilight”. Yes I think this is a movie tie-in item. I’m not a fan of the Twilight movies but I liked the pen roll.

pen roll unwrapped

Here is the pen roll open. The roll is also advertised to keep makeup brushes in, so that could explain the different widths of the slots.

pen roll open

I just like that it keeps my pens from scratching each other.

I googled “Cadence writing instruments” and found multiple listings for their ballpoint pens. When I googled “Cadence fountain pen” I found one entry on the Fountain Pen Network forum from 2011. And that’s about it. I would love to know more about these pens, if there is anything more to be discovered.