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InCoWriMo 2014 ended yesterday. I must say I had a terrific time. I sent 30 letters to folks participating in InCoWriMo and 4 letters to friends in the last 28 days. I received 27 from Canada, United States and Australia. Here are some highlights:

sherry and carla

This picture does not do her handwriting justice, but the envelope underneath is from Sherry, who practices calligraphy. Such a beautiful rendering of the name of my blog! I envy her skill. And a gorgeous envelope from Carla on top; there was a beautiful card inside too.

adrianna, lesley n mark wax seals

Wax seals were popular. Here are three from Adrianna, Lesley and Mark that made it relatively unscathed through the mail sorting machines.


Lovely card from Ashli. Love birds and glitter!

card from dean

Dean sent me this wonderful card and thoughtfully put his letter inside on separate paper so in theory I could use this card to send back to him or to someone else. But it’s so great I think it’s going straight into my journal. I also love the quote he sent. I sent journal cards with fountain pen quotes to my correspondents.


Just received this breathtaking envelope from Carl on Friday. Love!

from rob

And this was a fun idea from Rob: he sent me 3 tabletopics idea cards with his letter. He also sent me some extra sheets of Tomoe River Paper, which I’m now in love with because quite a few of my letters were penned on this paper. It takes fountain pen ink beautifully, is super thin like tissue paper and is not too expensive. Wonderpens in Toronto also carries it.

I’ve had so much fun and everyone has made me feel so welcome. I’m sure most if not all of these folks will continue writing throughout the year, as I intend to do. I have to say a huge thank you to the Fountain Pen Geeks Forum for introducing me to such a great bunch of pen and paper enthusiasts.

Now I have to go write some letters….