I thought I would introduce a new weekly feature. Much like the 642 Things Thursday series, I thought I would name this Journal Writing Wednesdays. I want my focus in 2014 to be more on writing and less on buying notebooks, pens and ink; more on actual journaling and less on the tools to facilitate it. Why wait until the new year?

This week I wrote 9 pages in my new journal (see Moving In to a New Journal). I thought about taking pictures but really it’s my personal journal and what if I talk about you, dear reader? πŸ™‚ So these posts will be photo-less, to protect the innocent. And myself.

I can give a summary of what I journaled about, to give others ideas, perhaps. And some of these will, no doubt, end up as blog posts.

  • How horrible my commute to work has been of late
  • Christmas presents for other people; debating pros and cons
  • Wonderful things that arrived in the mail
  • Wonderful things ordered on ebay that did not arrive in the mail 😦
  • Visit to my favorite stationery store
  • Spending time with my husband; errands we ran on the weekend
  • Trying the exercises from Doodling in French
  • Discovering the Fountain Pen Prayer

And that’s it so far. This may be dead boring for you but helpful for me, and after all, it is my blog. Let me know what you think. More next week.

Until then happy writing.