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In honour of Fountain Pen Day just passed, I thought I would do a post on my pen collection. By my count I have done over 40 posts under the category of My Journal Collection, but only 3 under My Pen Collection. So this is long overdue.

Over the summer I purchased a J. Herbin Rollerball with a clear case. It was around $10 and I love it. Truth be told, I fell in love with the J. Herbin ink tins first, and fell in love with the pen later, probably due in large part to having something to use the inks in!

j herbin rollerball capped

I have used the Lie de The ink and the Terre de Feu ink in it so far. Slight difference in the shade of brown between the two inks. It writes beautifully and you can get yourself one from Goulet Pens.

j herbin rollerball posted

The pen takes any short international cartridge but I prefer the J. Herbin inks it was designed for.

j herbin inks overview

An overview of the inks available from J. Herbin. I want to collect all 30! Each colour is also available in a bottle.

j jerbin 5 tins

My collection. Only 25 to go!

j herbin store disply of j herbin tins

My local stationer’s display of J. Herbin tins. This store also sold me my second fountain pen: the ONLINE College City Colors fountain pen in black, with a medium nib. It sold for $13.

online store display of online pens

The store display for the German company ONLINE. It comes in lots of great colour combinations and they even have a special edition for lefties.

online capped

I didn’t think I would like a medium nib (my Lamy has a fine nib) but I quite like it. The pen is unbelievably light (made of plastic after all) and a real joy to use. They take all international cartridges.

online closeup of nib

I tried to get a good close-up of the nib but there are too many shadows. You can just see the hint of blue from the ink it is loaded with (Bleu Pervenche for J. Herbin).

The Online College City Colors collection is available through Goldspot Luxury Gifts.

manuscript plus accessories

And finally I picked up this Beginner’s Calligraphy Pen set from Manuscript at my local Michael’s, for about $14. I’m delighted with it – I think it writes beautifully.

manuscript closeup fine nib

It also takes international cartridges but comes with a converter so I can put bottled ink in it. Fantastic features for such a low price point. The ink did take a bit of coaxing to flow and it is slow to start each time I start a new writing session. But other than that a really great pen. And I can purchase other calligraphy nibs from their UK website for about $5 each plus shipping.

Manuscript also has this neat service where if you are left-handed you can ship the nibs that came in the package to them, along with the cost of return postage, and they will ship the corresponding left-handed nibs to you. Awesome company.

writing samples

And finally some writing samples. It’s crazy how the black ink of the Manuscript pen jumps off the page.

Hope you enjoyed this pen tour as much as I did. 🙂