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First off, some housekeeping. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much this past week. I was super busy with a family wedding and I didn’t manage to get any posts scheduled. The young ones are hitched and all went well so life returns to normal.

I’m still on the birthday theme – I have a wonderful family who indulges my passion. First up is the “Raydori” Field Note Leather Notebook cover, a gift from my husband, so named as it’s made by the wonderful Ray Blake from My Life All In One Place. I belong to a Facebook group called Midori Traveler’s Notebook Resources. So does Ray, and he will make custom notebooks modelled on the Midori notebooks for a small fee. Very worth it, as you will see from the photos.

1 postcard and wrapped notebook

Love the vintage New York postcard!

2 Ray's message

Message from the man himself.

3 gracie looking at notebook

Gracie approves.

4 closeup of front

The color is more chocolate brown than what’s shown in the photo. Ray also put my name on the side. This size will fit the Field Notes notebooks perfectly.

5 charm

So here’s a picture of the notebook after I’ve moved into it. The charm on the front is a Madonna charm from Turkey, bought when my sister was visiting the home of the Virgin Mary. I haven’t added a charm to the bookmark yet.

6 inside front

The inside of the notebook feels like suede. Ray made me a small notebook but I have swapped it out with a Clairefontaine. I added the card to brighten it up a little.

7 clairefontaine

I added a homemade pen holder made with elastic and a brad.

8 closeup of pen holder

Closeup of the pen holder.

9 back of pen holder

It’s surprisingly secure. Not my own idea however; I stole it from Rhomany’s Realm (look for her on Youtube). She shows this pen holder in one of her Midori tutorials.

10 inside back cover

The back of the card shown previously.

11 back cover

The back of the notebook. Very happy with my “Raydori”.

I also received this beautiful notebook from my niece. It looks to be in the same vein as the Phasha notebooks but there are no markings whatsoever on the book.

12 handmade leather journal

Love the brass clasp!

13 spine

The Phasha journals have “Phasha” written on the spine but as you can see this one has nothing. Very similar binding though.

14 open journal

The paper is home made feeling – like linen. It has a texture of tiny squares just like linen. The fountain pen ink is absorbed almost like paper towel.

15 fountain pen ink in katie's journal

Such a beautiful notebook! A standout in my collection.

And…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada.