Yes I believe this is the third planner I’ve drafted into use this year, but who’s counting? 😉

1. front cover

You’ll recognize this beauty from my Woven Fabric Arc Notebook post of Aug 25, purchased for and sent to me by the lovely Amanda from arcit.blogspot.ca. You’ll also recognize the book elastic from the Papaya Book of Days post of May 5. I like the pink with the brown and it works perfectly to keep the book closed. I need something because there is no clasp or attached elastic.

I’ve moved into 1.5″ discs. It came with 1″ discs but once I loaded it up the pages were no longer able to move with ease. So it was into the bigger discs. The discs look a little big but they hold so much more.

2. 2 inch rings

I keep an Arc pocket divider at the very front, to hold bills I need to pay that day or post I need to send. And since the Arc comes with one pen loop I added a Leuchtturm Pen Loop to an Arc index divider which works really well; I can move the index divider if I want, even to a different book. Not that I’m planning any more planner moves this year!

I keep a blue Pilot G-TEC C4 pen in the loop currently. I plan on moving to a Coleto or Slicci multi-pen as I like having different coloured inks to write with.

3. front pocket and green pen loop

I made the small paper pocket on the left and I keep my Hello Kitty stickers in there. I don’t have much Hello Kitty stuff and was never really into it until my friend gave me Hello Kitty bookmarks for Christmas last year. In this photo you can also see an inspiration page with my favorite things on it, including quotes.

4. hello kitty stickers and purple page

My cats!

5. cats

Halley, William and Gracie. We lost William last year. 😦

6. stickers and yearly calendar

I use an Arc zippered pouch for more stickers that I use in the planner. On the right you can see a Day-Timer Yearly Planning Calendar that I liberated from an old planner.

7. pen and letter wrapping paper divider

I love this paper and made it into a divider.

8. weekly pages

Here’s where we start to get into the actual planner pages (finally!). I created this page and the following weekly pages based on a design on limetreefruits.com.

9. menu pages

The weekly blocks are laid out along the top of the page. This is the beginning of the week where you can organize the meals for the week, or record what you eat day by day.

10. to do and schedule

Each day is cut, above the to do line, and above the schedule line. So you can flip through each day without losing sight of the week at the top. It really is a nifty system. Limetreefruits.com has free printables of this in a hand-painted, water colour themed design which are incredibly beautiful, just not my thing. I changed the schedule to suit me and also added water and walk tracking icons.

11. tabs

More dividers: to buy, health, bookclub, travel, home and notes. I like to keep note of online retailers who sell certain items and what their shipping terms are. In the home section I keep my menu planning pages and finance pages.

12. home section

The tea section. I keep track of my daily tea drinking here, for eventual transcription into my silver filigree Paperblanks journal.

13. measure time


14. tea journal notes

In the back I keep post-its and flags, as well as another Arc pocket divider.

15. post its and pocket

In this pen loop I keep a Post-it pen I found at Target. It has flags in the highlighter cap and the other end is a ballpoint pen.

So that’s it for my planner. I carry it with me everywhere and I’m using it faithfully every day. Fingers crossed it will last into 2014. 😉